NetrockDeals is a well-known marketplace full of coupons. It includes the services that allow users to access promo codes, coupons, deals, and offers of more than 300 online stores. By using our exciting offers and services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this “Terms of Use.” You are also legally bound to the same whether or not you become the registered user of the site. These “terms of use” govern the users to access and make use of the NetrockDeals services. These terms create a legal agreement between the user and NetrockDeals. You are advised to read these conditions thoroughly.



Welcome to NetrockDeals.com- The one-stop-shop for super saving coupons and promo codes. The terms and conditions mentioned below contain the legal information that you agree to while using the services provided by NetrockDeals. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.



You can become a member of NetrockDeals by registering or signing up for our services. We present you with our latest “Terms of use” for your inspection during the registration process. Users should be aware that NetrockDeals does not allow them to run any paid advertisements that point to NetrockDeals. If any member does not follow these terms, then his/her account would be terminated immediately.


Services Provided by NetrockDeals

⮞ Cashback

Our cashback services will allow you to save your money and earn huge cashback by shopping through our cashback deals and coupons if you are our registered user. The respective retailer’s confirmation is necessary for the cashback qualification and must include “Qualifying Transaction.” The retailer must make sure that the Member’s purchase has been tracked. The resulting cashback must be received by NetrockDeals that becomes the cashback “as a result.  

  • If the Retailer does not track any transaction, then the sales may not be paid to NetrockDeals. Moreover, due to this, the expected cashback from these sales will not be paid to the Member.
  • NetrockDeals will not be responsible if the retailers fail to qualify any of the transactions. 
  • We will not be liable if any discrepancy occurs due to any technical error. 
  • The transaction related to the cashback may get canceled after getting entered into the Cashback process. The following are the reasons:
    • Suspended by us for due reasons
    • Found associated with any fraudulent activity


Privacy Policy

By using the website of NetrockDeals, you agreed to our privacy policy mentioned here. Also, you agree to our treatment of the data that has been provided by you to us.


Role of NetrockDeals:

NetrockDeals will not be responsible for any transactions made to the Retailers. We are not selling or supplying any goods or services offered by Retailers. Therefore, NetrockDeals does not have any legal responsibility applicable to the sellers of those services. 

NetrockDeals DOES N0T have any control over the following:-

  • The safety, legality, or quality of the goods and services made available by the Retailers.
  • We don’t guarantee whether the seller will supply good quality products and services.   

Members are advised to be alert while entering the Retailer’s transactions and purchasing any of their goods or services. Under this policy, our Members release us from all the issues that may arise due to the Retailer’s transaction.


User Conduct

  • Members or Users agree that they will not engage in any activity that may disrupt the NetrockDeals sites and services. Additionally, the networks and servers that are connected to and used by our programs should not be interrupted.
  • You acknowledge that you will not copy, reproduce, sell, or trade our services unless you have been permitted to do so.
  • Your usage of NetrockDeals Sites and Services will not be fraudulent or unlawful in any way. You will comply with all the usage rules found on all the NetrockDeals Sites and Pages. You will use the site features or services without violating the guidelines posted on the Website.


Members Agree not to use NetrockDeals website and services to:-

  • Share your account with the person who does not have his/her own registered NetrockDeals Account. Per person, only a single account is permitted, and creating or using multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.
  • Using multiple identities and giving false information.
  • There should not be any submission of any false personal information, including name or e-mail, payment information (credit card details), or any other information that we may find false or inaccurate.
  • Members should not upload or transmit any indecent, obscene, vulgar, hateful, sexual, pornographic, or objectionable information.


Misuse by account holder

NetrockDeals reserves the right to terminate or suspend any member’s access to our services if that Member or Account seems to be misusing it. The members must not enter any transaction with any Retailer to get Cashback or avail any deal by:-

  • Giving personal information about someone else
  • Or, by exploiting the offers given through the Retailers by creating false accounts. 



NetrockDeals guarantees that all the deals and cashback services will be provided with proper guidance. We intend to meet our specifications for all cashback services. But, we do not guarantee that the Cashback services and other deals meet your needs.


Limitation of Liability:

NetrockDeals will be liable only for the direct loss caused by its acts, omissions, or that of its employees, subcontractors, or agents.

NetrockDeals is not liable to the users in respect of the product or services given by retailers. We are not responsible for any activity or communication between the user and the retailer.

⮞ Communication

Therefore, You/Members/Users agree to receive communication by NetrockDeals via e-mails, SMS, or browser notifications, etc.

⮞ Security 

You agree to free us against all the liabilities arising from any breach of this Agreement through your Account.


NetrockDeals reserves the right to assign this Agreement. It will not do so in a way that may reduce any guarantees that have been discussed in this agreement. Members or Users are not allowed to assign or dispose of this Agreement without our consent.


Third Party Content

Third-party material or content can appear on the platform, or you may access it via hyperlinks. Netrockdeals do not assume any liability for any mistakes, omissions, or any other form of content, and the platform’s appearing accessible via hyperlinks.


Contact Us

If you have any concerns regarding these terms of use, you can reach us via contact@netrockdeals.com. 

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