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    Boys fans will love the YouTube channel dad on girls, which features four girls and their father. The series follows a father and his daughters as they play, laugh, and do everyday life. This satirical show is perfect for dads who want to bond with their daughters. It’s an easy-to-follow way to bond with your daughter. And it’s free! But it’s important to watch the whole thing before you watch it!

    Boys episode on dad on girls

    The episode opens with a shocking revelation about Tad. He has been slamming Hal for ruining his marriage. Upon hearing the truth, Loreen is left confused, and the girls are forced to have an awkward dinner with him and Shanaz. The Girl Dad Show casts a new light on Hannah’s advice in Iowa, which has been making her miserable. As she tries to correct the girls, they continue to blame Hal for their problems.

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