Hostgator India Hosting: Is It As Reliable As HostGator U.S.?

Hostgator India Hosting: Is It As Reliable As HostGator U.S.?

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Hostgator India Hosting: Is It As Reliable As HostGator U.S.?

Delay in loading of a webpage might impact the conversion rate of your website. Hence, choosing a reliable and best hosting platform is a must. One such hosting service provider is Hostgator. Hostgator is a well-known brand in the field of dedicated web-hosting service providers. Hostgator first set up in the U.S. providing it’s service worldwide. But later, in 2011 they decided to set up Hostgator India that will serve the Indian users. 

Hostgator [CPS] IN

About Hostgator India Hosting

Hostgator India was launched with a motive to serve Indian users by providing them with localized payment options. However, Hostgator kept the terms of prices and its services the same as of the U.S. This hosting service is a good choice for the entry-level webmasters as its service is budget-friendly. Along with that, it provides various web hosting services together with improved customer support and hosting quality. There are several advantages that a user might get on opting for Hostgator India rather than Hostgator U.S. 

  • Your website will get priority in Indian Google search.  
  • The loading time of your webpage will improve. 
  • Improve conversion rate and revenue.
  • Get access to the latest cPanel.
  • With Indian IP Address, you can improve your website’s search engine ranking. 
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Hostgator [CPS] IN
Hostgator [CPS] IN

Hostgator India vs Hostgator U.S.

➫ Loading Speed of Webpage

The loading speed of the webpage depends upon the location of your server. Nearer the server, better the speed you will get. Hence, Hostgator India will work best if you are targeting the Indian audience. However, if you have a mixed audience, then you must go for Hostgator U.S.

➫ Payment Methods

Hostgator India offers ample local payment methods. Almost all the Indians banks are registered with Indian platforms. On the other hand, only a few Indian Banks are registered with Hostgator U.S. and this might create a problem for an Indian user to make the payment.

➫ Registration of Domain Name

On purchasing the domain and hosting from Hostgator India, you might get several discounts. Hostgator recommends the users to register the domain with Indian service provider if your website is targeting only the Indian audience. On the contrary, if you register your domain name with the U.S. you won’t get many discounts because of the global demand. 

➫ Quality of Web Hosting

In terms of web hosting service quality, both Hostgator U.S. and India stands at the same level. Both provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth with the latest cPanel. Along with that, you will get all the necessary tools that will help you in managing your website seamlessly. 

➫ Customer Support Service

The quality of customer support services provided by both Hostgator India and the U.S. is alike. You can easily reach both of the tech support providers via phone or online. However, to Indian users, it might cost them more for contacting U.S. customer support because of ISD charges. Also, the language barrier might be a serious issue. 

➫ Final Judgement

After considering all the factors, we come to the conclusion that Hostgator India is as reliable as Hostgator U.S. and is the best option for one who is targeting the Indian audience. Although, there are some areas that need improvement such as hardware configuration and customer support. Both Hostgator India and Hostgator U.S. are a good option. However, your choice will depend only on factors such as the targeted audience and payment methods.

Hostgator [CPS] IN

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