How NetrockDeals Work?

NetrockDeals.com is community platform where our users find and submit deals from various website across the world, we do not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available at these sites, nor does a link indicate any association with or endorsement by the linked site to NetrockDeals.com. Readers are requested to be cautious while shopping at newly launched and non-trusted e-commerce sites.

1. Firstly, Login or Sign up on NetrockDeals then find a store you like.

2. Click on “Activate Cashback” or “Get Deal” or “Show Coupon Code”

3. Wait till we redirect you to the website of that store. Complete shopping and payment on the site.

4. After purchasing through our partner site (ex. Amazon, Flipkart etc.) then you have to fill cashback claim form to get Cashback.

Where does Cashback money come from?

NetrockDeals is an affiliate marketing company – This means that when you shop through us on our partner stores, we get paid a “comission” by the store. We give more than 60% of this comission to you as cashback. In short – The store pays & thanks us for getting a customer and we pay & thank you for choosing us.

Before you shop online, you should visit NetrockDeals to get these advantages:

1. Real Money as cashback – NetrockDeals offers ND Cashback on the majority of popular stores – these are extra savings you get in your ND account. This cashback is OVER & ABOVE the offers/discounts & coupons on the store and can be withdrawn without a fee/deduction.

Note: NetrockDeals provides the highest and best Cashback rates on most popular websites.

2. Easy to find store deals for the best discounts: We show you all the available deals of a store in one place, making it easier for you to pick the best one.

3. Product Deals: You can now shop for your favourite electronics and fashion products directly from NetrockDeals here. Check cashback available to know exactly how much you will save every time you shop.

4. Be the first to know about exciting offers: Get offers delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

Earning cashback through NetrockDeals is very easy. 

1. LOGIN or SIGN UP & BROWSE: Login to NetrockDeals & search for the store or category you are looking for.

2. SHOP: Select a store or deal you like and click “Activate Cashback” or “Get Deal” or “Get Coupon Code” . This will open the retailer website in a new page where you can shop like always.

3. RELAX & EARN – Once you finish your checkout and payment, your cashback will get tracked as “Pending Cashback” in 24 – 72 hours depending on the store. After store confirmation, your cashback will become “Available” and ready for withdrawal.

To ensure successful cashback tracking, we recommend the following:

1. Login to NetrockDeals and click on stores to start shopping. Do NOT visit the merchant directly.

2. Always start with an empty cart to ensure tracking happens correctly.

3. Do not use any other widgets or coupon codes from other websites. Because if you do, the other website will get the commission instead of us and we will not be able to pay you the cashback.

4. Finish shopping in the same browser window and in the same session. If you need to come back later to shop, visit NetrockDeals and click on any store and shop as usual.

NetrockDeals Cashback is real money that you can earn over & above the discounts you get when shopping online. Stores and offers that have additional cashback can be identified by looking for labels in green, like ‘+ Upto 5% CD Cashback’ or ‘+ Flat Rs. 100 ND Rewards’ etc.

Cashback facts

To know the cashback rates applicable for your purchase, you can:

1. Go to the store page on NetrockDeals (for example https://netrockdeals.com/store/flipkart-coupons/ )

2. Look for ‘Cashback Details’ button

3. Click on the blue Cashback Details button to get the complete rate details.

Pending Cashback/Rewards is cashback money on the way.

When we have tracked your transactions through NetrockDeals we add the cashback to your account as “Pending Cashback”. As your purchase is still awaiting merchant confirmation, subject to no return or cancellation and other terms, we cannot allow you to withdraw this amount and label it as “Pending”. In 4-8 weeks, this amount should get updated to confirmed once the merchant approves the purchase.

Confirmed Cashback/Rewards is real money that you can withdraw as you like. It is cashback for purchases that have been approved as valid by the store. Once you have Rs.250 or more Confirmed Cashback you can transfer this Cashback as and when you like without any hidden costs or deductions.

Pending Balance contains amounts that you have earned but can’t yet withdraw. Your pending balance contains amounts from purchases made at cashback stores and/or any bonus amount that you might have earned from NetrockDeals.

Available Balance is the amount that you can withdraw immediately (minimum withdrawal limits apply).

If your cashback is canceled by the retailer, your cashback amount for that transaction will be removed from your pending balance. The status of the transaction will be set to canceled in your cashback activity page.

The store holds sole discretion in determining the validity of a transaction. If you believe the cashback was wrongfully canceled, you can submit a claim here. We will try our best to raise it with the merchant and get you the cashback. However, please note that once a retailer has made a decision, so it is final.

There are multiple ways to invite your friends via referral:

1. Share your Referral code with friends and ask them to enter it during signup

2. Invite via social channels available on the Comprastore Referral page 

3. Invite via email options on the  Referral page


The User can not redeem cashback unless it has been confirmed by us. After confirmation, the User will receive a mail for the same. Now in order to redeem it follow the steps below:

1. Firstly, Login to the NetrockDeals account.

2. Now in the profile tab click on the cashback summary.

3. Now click on the Withdraw money Tab.

4. Click on a suitable method by which the User would like to their cashback. The User can get their cashback in the following ways: Paytm, Bank Transfer and Gift Voucher.

5. Now simply click on Withdraw.

Usually different Merchants take a different amount of time to make sure that the purchase is confirmed. Although we take a maximum of 24 – 72 hours to get the User’s cashback.

Note: In case if the User still hasn’t received the cashback then they can contact us for the same.

The User can order as many products they wants in a single transaction and still receive the designated cashback. Although, the cashback provided will be the same as the cashback the user receives on an individual product.

For e.g., If the User has a product with the name 123 and the cashback on it is Rs.100. Then, if the User order n numbers of 123 products in a single order then the cashback received by the User will still be Rs.100.

We’re sorry that you are facing a problem with your withdrawal. Please reach out to our Customer Care team at contact@netrockdeals.com for assistance in resolving this issue.

Please note that Bank transfers take between 5-7 business days or more maybe to reflect in your account. PayTM and Recharge transactions are almost instantaneous but can take upto 72 hours to reflect in your account.

You can reach out to our Customer Care team at contact@netrockdeals.com for assistance in resolving withdrawal related issues.

Cashback Issues

If your cashback was not tracked, checking the following can help:

1. Minimum 48 hours have passed since you made the purchase. Sometimes stores can take upto 48 hrs. to track. Note: 7 days should have passed in case of Amazon.

2. You completed the purchase in the same session after clicking out of NetrockDeals

3. You did not use any other widget or comparison site after getting redirected from NetrockDeals.

Please click here to file a Report Missing Cashback for the transaction which was Not Tracked.

When a cashback not tracked claim is filed, we follow up with the merchant regarding the status of the sale. We, therefore, ask for the following information in the claim form:

1. Outclick – Date and time when you clicked out from NetrockDeals.

2. Order ID

3. Purchase amount

4. Date of purchase

5. Proof of purchase – email contents of the order confirmation mail from merchant

This helps us ensure the merchant has all the necessary info at first go and the query is resolved as fast as possible.

Cashback inquiries can take anywhere between 3 days to 40 days depending on the retailer. We try our level best to resolve your cashback query as soon as possible. Remember that our incentives are aligned with yours, and we only earn when you get Cashback.

If the User’s Cashback has not been confirmed even after 10 weeks then the issue is most likely from the vendor’s side. It happens sometimes although the User will most likely get his/her cashback if there is balance in the Pending cashback tab.

It takes us almost 24-72 hrs to trace a missing cashback after a complaint has been filed. Although, the time by which the User will get their missing cashback depends on the store for which the request has been made.

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