Copyright and Infringement Policy

The owner of the NetrockDeals reserves all Rights. No content should be copied without any Written Consent. Any material found on the App(s) or Website(s) of NetrockDeals that are not our property is copyrighted by their owners.  

NetrockDeals does not claim ownership or responsibility for these items. If you use any of these items, you should seek legal consent from their respective owners. 

Infringement Policy

NetrockDeals respects the property rights of others and expects its users would do the same. 


NetrockDeals responds to copyright infringement claims in accordance with the “DMCA” (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). You can send a written notice by email if you want to notify us about copyright infringement on our platform. The email must include all the information mentioned below:-

  1.   The work that you believe is being infringed must be appropriately identified.
  2.   Please provide us with the information that must be sufficient for us to locate the copyrighted content. 
  3.    Your information, including your name, email address, phone number, and address. 
  4.   A statement mentioning that the information provided by you in your notification is accurate. In the absence of the owner, you are authorized to act on behalf of the owner that has been allegedly infringed. 
  5.   The signature of the person is required who is claiming on behalf of the owner regarding the copyrighted content.

Only those notices will be treated by NetrockDeals that meet the requirements mentioned above and under the DMCA guidelines.

If you find that we have removed the content that you think should not have been taken down, you can send us a written counter-notice via email. You need to ensure that the counter-notice sent by you must meet the requirements set by DMCA. NetrockDeals will also follow the process set out by the DMCA. Protection Status
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