There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t like to travel. However, some people travel to have fun, some to relax and some to gain knowledge of different cultures. Some like to chill in a peaceful cafe and some like to jump off a cliff. Moreover, one thing that remains the same is the expense while travelling. Nevertheless, there are ways to budget travel in India. Therefore, while travelling in India you really don’t need to fret over your pocket because it’s quite easy to manage and find budget trips in India. The only thing you have to focus on is knowing the best travelling tips in India and you’re good to go. However, with increasingly high flight and hotel prices, it seems quite difficult to manage the budget of the trips, right? But, how would you like it if we gave you tips on budget travel in India? Sounds exciting, right?

budget travel in india

Here are the 8 best tips for budget travel in India -

1. Search for a cheap destination

While searching for a place to visit, broaden your horizons. Therefore, don’t go mainstream and look for the famous & common places that people usually choose. Search for the cheapest place to visit in India that people mostly keep aside because they are genuinely cheaper than the rest. Furthermore, the places that are not yet commercialized properly are cheapest and are a lot more fun than mainstream places. However, you can save a few extra bucks by using coupons and deals from coupon websites in India. Hence, use Makemytrip Coupons or Goibibo Offers to save on flights, trains, and hotel bookings and budget travel in India.

2. Be an early bird and fly high

By booking domestic flights two to three months prior to your vacation, you can book cheap flights and save huge money. Although, it might seem tough to commit to a vacation so many months before but it would be worth it. Another way to save on flights is to book on weekdays rather than weekends. Therefore, if you use these two ways for flight bookings then you might be able to save a good amount of money. Hence, budget travel in India is possible but only you follow these tips. Furthermore, you can book domestic flights by using Air Asia Coupons or offers and save a few extra bucks.


3. Swap flights for trains

While travelling in India, you must consider travelling through trains. However, it might seem uncomfortable and tiring but trust us, it’s a lot better in some cases. For budget trips in India, check the availability of trains to the destination you’re planning to visit and book trains for night travel and sleep through it. Therefore, it would be much cheaper and you won’t even feel the distance. This is our personal best suggestion for budget travel in India. Furthermore, another travelling tip is to always compare train or flight fares with websites like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo and Cleartrip. In addition to that, there are various Cleartrip Coupon that you could avail to get discounts on your flight ticket bookings.

4. Plan the trip for the off season

Don’t listen to people when they tell you to visit a destination in a particular month of the peak season. Moreover, it really doesn’t make any difference, and it is much better because you get to see that place in its prime beauty with very less crowd. Therefore, visit the best tourist places in India in the off season and save money on hotel bookings. Furthermore, you can try using Ixigo Coupons to save money on travelling in India.

5. Go for road trips

Road trips are just way better than any other plan. You get to bond and connect so much better with your friends that way. Furthermore, it also gives you the freedom of having your own car and not having to go after cab drivers and taxis. However, not everybody owns a car so the best way is to book a rental car for your trip. Another tip for budget travel in India would be to use Zoomcar Coupons and take your own car to cut back on expenses.

6. Travel in groups

The more, the merrier. right? That fits here as well. This is a universal truth that the more people you have in a group while travelling the more money you’ll save. Because the money will split evenly with everyone and it will cut the overall cost of your trip. Therefore, this should be considered the best tip for budget travel in India. Furthermore, you can try checking Oyo Coupons for your hotel bookings and save an extra few bucks.

7. Swap Hotels For Hostels

Who would have thought, right? You would be amazed to see how many hostel chains have started in the major cities of India and how low they cost. Additionally, this is the best way to have a budget trip in India. Apart from searching the cheapest place to visit in India, also search for hostels. Moreover, there is no compromise in the quality of hostels. Furthermore, they have quality dorm rooms, separate rooms, and restaurants as well. Hostels are the best options for backpackers, friend groups and for budget trips in India. Also, if you’re travelling solo or with friends, you can also save money by commuting by bus. Therefore, you can check Redbus Coupons to save on bus tickets.

8. Swap expensive restaurants for local food

Any trip is incomplete without good food. Plus, if you’re a traveller at heart then you must be a foodie at heart too. Moreover, people like to eat properly and enjoy their food on vacations. But, expensive restaurants and cafes are not the only way to do that. Therefore, you can try food at cafes sometimes and try local food sometimes as well. Not only is it exciting to try the local food/street food of the place you’re visiting but it will also save you big bucks. Hence, by this travelling tip you get to enjoy and have the experience of budget travel in India.

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