Recently, Flipkart owned 2GUD which is an e-commerce value network. Flipkart is now using this platform to transform its refurbished products 2GUD into an unbranded lifestyle and fashion platform. This is so that it can compete with retailers like Paytm Mall, Snapdeal. Besides this, it can also contend with online Chinese apparel such as Shein, Club Factory and Ali Express. The main objective of Flipkart 2GUD is to make the new trends and apparel accessible and to aspirational Indian’s fingertips. 

The main motive of Flipkart 2GUD is to conquer all parts of the Indian market, from urban to small-town customers. They essentially want to reach value-conscious buyers in certain geographies through 2GUD. Flipkart 2GUD consists of a group that is more than 70 employees. 

What are the Features and Benefits of using Flipkart 2GUD? 

  • Flipkart 2GUD gives the quality assurance and warranties irrespective of the refurbished products to their customers. 
  • Besides this, you can also access the feature of easy returns of the products. In short, if you are not satisfied with the refurbished product you can return it within a specific time period. 
  • This e-commerce platform focuses on a large segment of brands that are not so popular from lifestyle to fashion makeover. Along with this, it focuses on the latest styles and quality. 
  • This is the perfect online portal for the people who didn’t want to spend more while shopping. 
  • You can get refurbished products at a reasonable price that will not affect your pocket also. 
  • 2GUD is developing into a one-stop hyper-value site for Indian shoppers across the country. Apart from that, it is broadening its scope from refurbished products to new offers.
  • You can explore various products such as clothing, electronics, mobile phones, and many more. 
  • Flipkart 2GUD “Desh ka desi Bazar” is well known for its accessibility, availability of quality products. This is an excellent platform that prioritizes value and affordability for price-conscious consumers around the world.

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