Freshtohome is an online grocery store that provides its customers with a variety of seafood and meat. They guarantee that you receive fresh, chemical-free meat at your door. All of the items on the site are sourced from ethical farmers and fishers, ensuring that they are 100% fresh, preservative-free, and ethically reared. Also, they are available in Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Delhi/NCR, Tamil Nadu, Pune, and Mumbai. If you’re looking for a place to get mutton, seafood, or poultry, read the entire Fresh To Home Review to learn more about the service and what to expect from this online store. You can also use FreshToHome coupons from Netrockdeals to get discounts on your orders.


All orders over Rs. 799 qualify for free delivery. To a limited number of places, a 2-hour express delivery is offered. However, to avail of express delivery, you need to download the Freshtohome App, which is available for both iOS and Android users. Also, they have the relevant fresh to home coupons so that you can get an extra discount on your order. Additionally, the minimum order amount should be Rs. 198.

Due to covid, they are taking proper precautions and providing contactless delivery of all orders. Hence, you can get your favorite item delivered to your door without any contact with the delivery person. Read further Fresh To Home Review to know about the price and quality of your favorite products.


At FreshToHome, prices are very honest. They provide every product at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, the website offers numerous discounts that allow you to save even more money. However, the price of the products may vary as per the location. Also, you can get free delivery on orders above Rs. 799. Moreover, they organize sales and provide new discounts daily that lets you order your favorite item at discounted prices. Along with this, you can use the fresh to home coupons for additional discounts.


Intending to provide the best product, FreshToHome offers a great variety of seafood & fish, mutton, poultry items, and more at an affordable price. They follow proper hygienic guidelines for packing and delivering the best quality products at your door. Hence, FreshToHome is a perfect platform to order your favorite seafood, mutton, or poultry items.


FreshToHome is situated in Bangalore, so the selection of products available to customers there is greater. You can also order fresh vegetables if you’re in Bangalore, Kerala, or Chennai. Fish & Seafood, Poultry, Mutton, The Farmer’s Market, Marinated, and Steaks & Fillets are the six categories in which the products are divided. There is a lot of variety in each category. Here are a few of the most popular items in each category:- 

  • Fish & Seafood- Freshwater Fish, Marine Fish, Shellfish
  • Mutton- Lamb & Goat meats, Halal cut
  • Poultry- Duck, Quail, Chicken, and more
  • The Farmer’s Market- Fresh veggies & fruits
  • Steaks & Fillets- Fresh Fillets & Steaks
  • Marinated- Freshly marinated cutlets

Hence, by reading the above Fresh To Home Review, one can get to know that it is a perfect platform to purchase fresh seafood, mutton, or more at a reasonable price.

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