Do you own a business and want to boost your sales and revenue? The great online shopping platform Amazon can help you out. You must have purchased something from, but have you ever tried Amazon Business? As we know that Amazon offers unbelievable discounts on a comprehensive range of products. But Amazon Business offers extra benefits for small businesses even more than just low prices and free shipping. It offers its registered users a variety of advantages that are non-accessible to regular Amazon account holders. It makes it easier for businesses to purchase corporate items and supplies with more efficiency. If you want to know about this platform in detail, you must read this blog until the end. Here we have discussed all the features of Amazon Business that are useful for your small business.

What is Amazon Business?

It is a one-stop-destination for all of your office-related purchases. It is the largest selection of corporate products with GST. With a separate Business account, you can keep your personal and work-related shopping separate by quickly switching between two accounts. In addition, you also get to access thousands of sellers who offer business-only products with bulk discounts. You also get access to many time-saving features through which you can run your business better.

Amazon Business features that are useful for small businesses

Here we have discussed all the exclusive features of Amazon Business that can be helpful in your small business:-
  • Approval Workflows: It allows you to customize your order approvals and set spending limits. Thus, you get to manage your organization’s buying and gain visibility into how funds are being spent.
  • Business Prime: You get free same-day, one-day and two-day shipping on all the eligible items.
  • Multi-User Accounts: Once you create a free Business account, you can connect the entire team and create purchasing group in order to match your organization structure.
  • Business-only products: You can find specific products for different businesses. It has products for a wide range of business categories ranging from IT to healthcare to hospitality.
  • Business-only prices: It provides you with special discounts on more than five million products, along with quantity discounts on multi-unit purchases.
  • Consolidated deliveries: you can also get consolidated delivery on eligible products. It means that you can purchase products from different vendors and get them delivered as a single package.
Reporting and Analytics: With your Business account, you can track and monitor your spending with charts. Hence, these were a few of the most outstanding features of the Amazon Business account that can be helpful for all small business users.

How to get an Amazon Business account?

Please follow the below steps to join:-
  • Firstly, you should visit “”
  • Then, you should select the “Create a free Amazon Business account” tab given in the corner of the page.
  • Now, you’ll be prompted to enter the email that you want to register with your account.
  • After this, enter your password.
  • Now, you will have to enter your business information to verify it.
  • You can also provide your credit card information or tax details like business tax ID. However, this step can be skipped.
  • Then, Amazon will verify you in 24 hours.
By using all the above steps, you can create and join your Amazon business account.


Here we’ve discussed all the necessary details about Amazon Business. In this blog, we discussed the best features of a Business account you can use to manage and run your small business smoothly. To make it comfortable for you, we’ve also explained the step-wise procedure to join the Amazon Business account.