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NetrockDeals is an Indian based web portal that deals in providing exciting cashback offers, discounts, and promo codes to all valuable customers. It is a user-driven community platform based on the deal-sharing model. With thousands of exciting deals and discounts, it gives an unforgettable shopping experience to all users. It is a one-stop destination for all visitors that enables them to connect and share amazing discount offers and deals.

NetrockDeals is an online store that offers a wide range of valuable discounts, deals, and offers. All features concentrate on improving the online shopping experience of the users.


A coupon is a type of voucher that provides discounts on a particular product or service. Thus, when purchasing the product, the coupon can be used to get an additional discount. Moreover, it is a sales promotion strategy used by manufacturers or retailers to attract more customers.


Deals are the exclusive rebate offers that allows online shoppers to buy premium quality products at the most competitive price. Therefore, these promotional benefits are provided to draw shoppers.

Promo Codes

Promo codes or promotional codes are special discount codes provided by online stores with a motive to improve sales. Likewise, these are the alphanumeric strings that allow online shoppers to buy products at a discounted price. Moreover, these codes apply either to the purchase of a particular product or the entire order. It is recognised as a part of the retailer’s promotional marketing strategy.


Cashbacks are the extra benefits offered by retailers to attract customers. Therefore, it is a great way to make some extra savings while meeting with online shopping requirements. It is accessible once you have purchased the product and made an online payment. Subsequently, once the purchase gets complete, a small percentage of the purchased product cost will automatically get credited to the payment source.


An offer is a clear proposal provided to the customers while they are buying any product or service under certain conditions. Different offers are provided by the shoppers to grab the attention of the customers. Also, the customer who wishes to fulfill the terms of the offer can take the proposals. Besides this, an offer is valid for a limited period.


Discount is an amount or the percentage deducted from the regular selling price of the product or service. The goal of providing discount is to attract more customers and increase sales. 

NetrockDeals provides the most valuable coupons, promo codes, and deals to all online shoppers. The website presents a comprehensive range of online stores that covers a wide variety of categories. It comprises of the most famous and widely used e-commerce web portals providing online shopping facilities.

Below listed are the most popular brands registered with NetrockDeals:

Besides stunning deals, offers, and discounts, NetrockDeals provides some additional benefits in the form of the cashback for its registered users. Therefore, make sure to sign in to the website to get exciting cashback offers. But, without any registration or if the user doesn’t log in to their account, they won’t get cashback. All the users who will register on the “NetrockDeals” will get an additional reward of Rs 20.


Initial, it is important for the users to “Sign Up” to avail the cashback.
Once the user registers on the website, they have to “log in” to the User Account.
Look for the most valuable deals and offers in the search bar to fulfill your online shopping needs.
Moreover, keep in mind that you should select the deals or coupons that include cashback as an additional benefit.
Then, follow the instructions as mentioned on the screen to complete the purchase.
When the shopping gets complete, then the user will receive the cashback automatically within 24-48 hours.
Moreover, the cashback money will be credited back to the payment source.


So, these were the instructions for the “Sign up and Get Cash” feature. And hence, without getting “logged in” to the account, the user will not get the cashback. The finest part of the cashback is that you can make use of the money like the way you want. Likewise, you can transfer the received amount of money to your Bank Account, Google Pay, PayTM, PayPal Account, E-Wallet, etc.


NetrockDeals provides rewards in the form of cashback to their valuable customers on the purchase of any product. The menu-driven interface of the web portal has simple and easy functioning. Therefore, below mentioned are the steps to understand how exactly NetrockDeals works does.

But before proceeding with the working instructions of the NetrockDeals, keep this thing in mind that the users will get cashback offers on every product available on the store. If anyhow, no “View Cashback Details” option is mentioned in any of the listed stores, then also the user will get the exciting additional discounts and cashback.


  • At the initial stage, you have to visit the website and then log in to the User Account.
  • In case if you are a new user, then you can easily create the account on NetrockDeals and then sign in to get exciting deals, coupons, and promo codes.
  • Now, thoroughly check the website and search for the most suitable deals and offers to fulfill your online shopping needs.
  • After this, an extensive range of deals and offers shared by the community members will display on the screen.
  • From the store, check for the handpicked deals or coupons of your choice and then select it.
  • note
  • Then, click on the “View Cashback Details” option to check the available offer.
  • After this, a pop up will appear on the screen inclusive of all necessary details like “Estimated Payment Date,” “Tracking Speed,” Cashback Claim Time.” You can check the Cashback rates as per the product category, including the cashback percentage.

The users can get the deals and discounts on the stores once they register on the portal. So to get the discounts on the product, follow the steps adhere below:


  • Check on the top of the website, and there are several options like “Stores,” “Categories,” “Best Offers,” and “Login/Register.”
  • In case, if any user has is not registered on the website, then they can register by clicking on the “Login/Register” option.
  • From there, click on the “Login/Register” to “Log in” to your user account.
  • So, once you are logged in, the “Dashboard” of the website will open on the screen.
  • The Homepage includes the details of the brands along with the available offers and discounts.
  • In addition to this, under the “Deal of the Day,” you can see the exciting offers that keep on changing regularly. So, grab the one before it disappears.
  • Therefore, in case if you didn’t find the Store of your choice, then click on the “View All Stores” option to expand the list of the existing stores available on the website.
  • Then you may click on the store tab of your choice to look for the coupon.
  • After that, select the particular coupon.
  • You will get redirected to the particular Store you selected to shop, consisting of the details of the available deals and offers and their validity period and necessary information.
  • You may also find the “Activate Deal” option in some stores on our portal.
  • After that, click on the “Get Coupon Code” option to avail discounts and offers.
  • Then copy the code that appears on the screen.
  • Then, go to the redirected website and then paste the code at the time of the final payment to avail of the offer.

To apply the Coupon and Deals, follow the steps as mentioned below:


  • Once you are on the homepage, click on the "Login/Register" option to "log in" to your account.
  • Now, after you are "logged in," click on the brand of your choice, and then the entire list of the coupons will appear on the screen.
  • You can search for the coupons and deals from the search bar available at the top-right edge of the web portal.
  • Once you get the coupon of your choice, then by clicking on it, you will get redirected on the page containing the coupon's details along with the coupon code.
  • Besides this, you will also get redirected to the particular Store you selected to purchase the products or services.
  • Now complete the shopping procedure. After that, at the time of payment, the deal will be get automatically applied.


“NetrockDeals” cashback is the real money that you earn over and above the discounts. You receive the cashback when you shop for your favorite product or service online on “NetrockDeals.com.” The additional cashback is labeled in green color and is easy to identify. 

You can get the cashback on the store in an easy go manner by following these steps:

Login and Browse

  • First of all, login to “NetrockDeals” and then check out the store or category you are looking for.


  • After this, select the store and click on the “Activate Deal” or “Get Coupon Code” tab.
  • Now, when you click on “Get Coupon Code,” the retailer’s website will open where you can shop for your choice. Also, a pop up will get open on the screen containing the “coupon code” and other necessary details.
  • On the other hand, when you click on the “Activate Deal” option, the available deals will be displayed on the screen. 

Sit Back and Earn

  • After the payment and the checkout procedure gets complete, your cashback will get tracked as “Pending Cashback” in 24-78 hours, depending on the store. 
  • After this, you can withdraw the available cashback once confirmed by the store.
  • Note: Make sure that the withdrawal amount should not be less than Rs 100. 

NetrockDeals is the perfect online store where you can find amazing and unbeatable discount offers, deals, and promo codes. So, to get amazing deals and offers, follow the steps enlisted below:


  • In the beginning, to avail of the deals, discounts, and offers, you will have to “Log in.”
  • Go through the website and check the most suitable deals and offers to fulfill your online shopping needs.
  • Ensure that the deals you select should include a cashback offer.
  • After that, when you purchase any product or service from our portal, the offer will be automatically applied.

NetrockDeals provides the best deals to all customers. Therefore, you can easily find the coupon on the store with the following steps discussed below:


  • Initially, open the official website of “NetrockDeals.”
  • After this, “Login” to the user account.
  • Then at the top of the website, there are a few buttons beside the search bar, i.e., “Stores,” “Categories,” “Best Offers.”
  • Now, by clicking on the Stores option, a list of the stores will appear on the screen.
  • You can also find the coupon by store by clicking on the “View all Stores” tab.
  • After that, the entire list of the online store will open that are registered with “NetrockDeals.”
  • After this, select the store of your choice to search for the coupon by store.
  • Now once you select the store, a list of all Deals, Coupons, Discounts, and Promo codes will appear on the screen.
  • After this, finally click on the “Activate Deal” or “Get Coupon Code” to grab the exciting offers. 
  • Now once the Deal or the Coupon get’s applied, you can enjoy your purchase and can Save your Money.

When a good or service is provided at a discounted price, it is referred to as a “Deal.” Likewise, “Coupon” or a "Printable Voucher" consists of a code that is required to avail of the deal. Therefore, while purchasing the product, the user will have to submit the code.

The notifications are the important alerts that the user receives from the website and its community. These alerts are available in the form of a message that lets the user know about the updates or the new developments. These notifications assure that you should not miss any important information. It includes:


  • Updated details of the coupons and offers
  • Cashback updates

If there is any user who forgets their password or is willing to reset their password, they should follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Open “NetrockDeals.com
  • Then go to the “Login/Register” option.
  • After this, click on the “Lost Your password” option mentioned at the bottom of the page.
  • After that, enter the credentials such as the “Username” or the “Email Address.”
  • Now, insert your username or the Email Address and the hit “Get New Password” option.
  • Then, you will receive a mail on your registered Email Address.
  • After that, open your registered Email Id and then click on the link provided in the mail.
  • Now from there, you can set your new password.
  • Make sure to set a strong password.
  • Once you set the password, then click on the “Reset Password” option.
  • After doing this, you will get a message on the screen showing “Your password has been reset.”
  • Now, you can safely login to your user account with the new password.

It sometimes happens that certain links fail to redirect you on the required webpage. Instead of giving an error message saying that the required webpage is unavailable, a “Page not found” or “404” page gets open. Therefore, this is an HTTPS status code, which means that the required web page can not be located on the server. Following are the reasons which lead to this commonly occurring issue:


  • The website has deleted the requested webpage.
  • The URL is not linked to the page. Thus, it means that it is moved to a different URL, and there is an incorrect redirection of the link.
  • Incorrect URLs are used.
  • Server issue
  • The provided domain name is discontinued.